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Screw you neutral pelvis!

Today in class we re-learned walking, because we forget things, and walking is one of them, that one thing even your mother or wife won’t remind you of.

When we were walking in the studio, I asked everyone to pay attention to their low back – is it over-arching or over-tucking, and one lady said “well, I arch my back all the time, should I tuck my pelvis to balance it out?”. It actually makes sense to me, but I said no anyways. I’m glad she mentioned her pelvis when we were talking about low back, yes, when we anterior tilt our pelvis –> our low back arches; when posterior tilt –> low back flattens. And if you want to know what’s a perfect neutral pelvis, read this. But the reality is – nothing is perfect, nothing is still. We as human beings (should)  move, the alignment of our moving body parts is called dynamic alignment. In dynamic alignment, our pelvis should oscillate around the neutral position and definitely not be held there by voluntary muscular contraction. If you have to use lots of effort and muscles in order to hold your pelvis in its perfectly balanced position, stop it, try something else. And here is a few imagery techniques I shared in class today:

– Stand and make sure you are relaxed – especially shoulders and glutes.

– Picture your tailbone is like Dinosaur’s tail, here is a good picture –>

Just kidding! Aren’t they cute though?! Anyways, here is a good picture for real –>


Hahahaha, poor guy!

Ok! Here is the imagery for real –>heavy tail

You can ignore his/her smiling face for now. See his/her tail? That big and heavy tail is what you should start connecting with. We have tails as well, even though we can’t see them, we don’t think of them, unless it starts hurting, doesn’t mean it’s useless. Start by growing your tail (in your mind’s eye) today:

– Imagine your tail extending to the floor and becoming strong, like that of a dinosaur or a dragon. Use this tail as a third, supporting leg.

– Imagine your weight balanced equally on all your 3 legs.

– Now start walking S-L-O-W-L-Y. As you walk, imagine your heavy and long tail traling on the floor behind you.

– Now, move you butt and STAND UP and try it out!

There is an imagery exercise for sacrum from Taking Root To Fly by Irene Dowd, one of my favorties, I’ll share it in another post.

So instead of trying so hard finding that neutral pelvis position, try this imagery, because it’s fun to have a tail.

By for now, time to grow to my tail.


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