Flying (fat) people and our sad feet.

Christmas means seeing my favorite people! This year – like every year, I will be spending 10 hours in a chair, to me, it means suffering. The chair I’ll be in is not just a normal chair – it’s a airplane chair, to me, it means killing myself slowly, physically, mentally and spiritually. Ya… I HATE IT.

I was listening to the Liberated Body Podcast on the way to work this morning, and this scene from the movie Wall-E was mentioned:

Wall-E fat people in chairs

Wall-E fat people in chairs

And then I was thinking about myself wearing Santa’s body suit, getting squeezed in an airplane chair, looking down at my iPad which will result a sore neck and back, and drinking a beverage – I look exactly like the fat people in this Wall-E scene, well, except, I don’t really look this fat.

Then I found this:

iPad people v.s. Wall-E fat people

iPad people v.s. Wall-E fat people

Yay!!! I’m so happy there are still a few smart people left in this world made this product a reality! ————- NOT!!!!

Each of our (as human) foot has 26 bones and 33 joints, over 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments. If you are like me – have 2 full feet, then you should have 52 bones and 66 joints. 52 bones and 66 joints!!!!!!! 52 bones and 66 joints!!!!!!!

Foot bones - lateral

Foot bones – lateral

Take a look at your feet now – what are they doing and where are they? In shoes? “Supported” by orthotics? In heels? Can you move all you ten toes individually without making ugly faces and grinding your teeth? Or have you even thought about moving those 100 muscles, tendons, ligaments, 33 joints and 26 bones. Some of us don’t really care, some of us don’t know what the purpose of having healthier feet is, some of us don’t understand my Chinglish, some of us simply can’t feel and therefore move our feet.

If you care about your feet and your whole body, there are a few things you can do while eating cookies and waiting for Santa to show up:

– Take off your shoes and heels (!!!) and start walking bare foot now. If your feet hurt because they are so used to being caged in, start by doing this just for 10 minutes.

– While you are making cookies and waiting for Santa, try to spread out all your ten toes, without tightening other areas (especially face, jaws, shoulders, hands, glutes). Just notice their current range of movement.

– With all your toes beautifully spreaded without gripping the floor too much, lift up one toe at a time until all toes are lifted, then bring each toe back down. Are you making any intense facial expressions? Relax your face if you wanna see Santa.

– Now, reverse the direction and lift up your toes again and then bring them back down one at a time. This might be one of the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your entire life.

– While standing or sitting, massage soles of your feet with a tennis ball, if the sensation is too intense, use something softer (spikey ball for dogs is a good alternative, it’s even better if you love squeaky things).

I will be doing these on the plane to Halifax on Dec. 25th, while you are opening gifts and eating cookies, I will be watching you and speading and lifting my toes. You are welcome to join me.

Merry Christmas!


2 comments on “Flying (fat) people and our sad feet.

  1. I believe that most people are simply not aware of the importance of their feet. I guess it is in our nature to take everything for granted until we lose it; or in this case, until we injure our feet or start feeling any sort of pain.

    Merry Christmas to you too!


    • Foot issues can trigger so many other problems, but fewer people think about them compare to “neck”, “shoulder”, “back”, we never think of “why” and treating our body as a whole, instead just treating us as different body parts and the symptoms. Just like our society. Thanks for reading.


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