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About your knee pain – Why and How to reduce your pain.

Q: “Does your knee hurt?” A: “Yes.”

Q: “Why?” A: “Well, I have a torned ACL while playing soccer/ I have a damaged meniscus/ my leg bones are twisted or because I’m old…”

If you can answer that “why”, very good, give yourself a kiss or have a drink, time to celebrate! Really, I mean it, most of us just choose to live with our pain, or think pain is normal, or they just choose to ignore it and complain a lot.

So after you sobered up from your celebration, here is another question – “Why and how did your ACL injured when you played soccer?/ Why and how did your menisci get displaced?/ Why are your thigh bone and low leg bones twisted? Were you born like this? Did you ask your mom? Are you sure your mom didn’t lie to you?” My point is, there is a reason for everything, I believe there is a “why” for everything.

So here are some common (functional) factors that can lead to knee pain:

1. Tight hamstring.

2. Iliotibial Band (IT Band) Syndrome – pain on the outside (lateral) of knee (any runners or bikers?).

3. Tight quadriceps.

4. Tight calves

5. You wear heels (heel = anything that is not flat, men: you are probably wearing heels too, haha).

And your tight hamstrings can:

1. Reduce joint space in your knees –> displace your menisci, which leads to popping and pain, torn menisci, ACL injury…

2. Prevent your knees from straightening and pelvis from untucking, and this can lead to pelvic floor disorder.

3. Your patella (kneecap) gets chondromalacia patelli (in Latin), which means “damage to the cartilage of kneecap” in English. Don’t you just love the Latin language!!

About Hamstring:

What is it? A group of three “separate” muscles.

Where is it?

Location of hamstring.

What you can do without stretching:

About IT Band:

Where is it?

Location of IT Band

As you can see, IT Band runs across the side of hip and knee, a tight hip can be a major contribution factor to your knee pain!

What you can do with Somatics:

Last, but not the least, here is a great gentle and simple movement from my dear teacher Susan:

If you know you have super tight hamstrings, pleeeaassseee don’t force yourself if you choose to stretch, otherwise, you are setting yourself up for injury.

If you like what I write and have a specific question about your pain or symptom, and because I love the human body and anatomy, feel free to email me at ye@fluidmovements.net, I’ll try my best to help you or at least give you some (hopefully) useful recommendations.

And now you can spend almost a week with me and learn more about the Somatics in Sedona, AZ this Ocotober! Check it out here.


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