Sedona Somatics-Yin Retreat – October 2015

I’m so excited to offer this Somatics-Yin Retreat this October with my good friend Helen Fong (from Halifax, NS, Canada)! Hanna Somatics releases chronically-tight muscles through series of thoughtfully planned, gentle and small neuromuscular (mind-body) movements (Somatics Excercises). By learning to regain awareness, sensation, and motor control of muscles – an educational process that can […]

New workshop – Somatics with Meditation and Mantra

I will be co-facilitating a brand new workhsop with Kripalu Yoga teacher Gail Fulop at her home studio – spoonstudio in Eastern Passage, NS, on July 26, 2014, click here for her webiste. We will be exploring our koshas (layers) – from its surface to core. Both Gail and I are funny people… well, that […]


I used to think people only get cold/flu during the 4 months of winter, after living in Halifax for 10 years, I still think people only get cold/flu during only winter, and based on hours of scientific research and years of personal experience, winter lasts the whole year on east coast Canada.

Somatics – experience from the inside

Somatics (so-ma-tiks) n. – The art and science of inter-relational process between awareness, biological function, and environment, all three factors being understood as a synergistic whole: the field of somatics. During the two workshops we will study: § How brain controls muscles § Conscious control and reset how the brain and muscles communicate § Control […]

Immunity, a Yoga Workshop – Jan 12, 2013

Immunity, a Yoga Workshop with Ye Zhang “The only thing that we truly own in this life is our bodies.” Maintaining a strong immune system is a central aim of a yoga practice. This workshop reviews how yoga postures can create a healthy and vibrant immune system. Join Ye and learn how to restore and […]

Optimize Your Health Yoga Workshop – A workshop with Barb Stewart and Ye Zhang

Yoga workshop for arthritis, asthma and immunity, get your body ready for the busy holiday season! Date(s): Sunday, December 2, 2012 – 9:00am to 4:00pm Location: Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studios, 202-6156 Quinpool Road Cost:  $65 (+tax), $60 (+tax) 1 month prior If you have ever had a compromised immune system or want to know how […]