Just thinking…

To remember…

Sunday is Remembrance Day in Canada, and Monday is a public holiday, so we’ll have a 3-day long weekend this week. Heading to Cape Breton after work today. It’ll be sunny and warm according to the forecast, looking forward to see the beautiful land and people and also a yoga class tomorrow morning in North […]

Wednesday Classes

My Wednesday classes at the Daffodil Place in Halifax is something I look forward to every week. It encourages the students to relax, reconnect, and let go. It teaches me to be grateful and love.

Peaceful. Love.

你见,或者不见我 It’s doesn’t matter if you see me or not 我就在那里 I am standing right there 不悲不喜 With no emotion 你念,或者不念我 It’s doesn’t matter if you miss me or not 情就在那里 The feeling is right there 不来不去 And it isn’t going anywhere 你爱或者不爱我 It’s doesn’t matter if you love me or not 爱就在那里 Love is […]