Flying (fat) people and our sad feet.

Christmas means seeing my favorite people! This year – like every year, I will be spending 10 hours in a chair, to me, it means suffering. The chair I’ll be in is not just a normal chair – it’s a airplane chair, to me, it means killing myself slowly, physically, mentally and spiritually. Ya… I HATE […]

Screw you neutral pelvis!

Today in class we re-learned walking, because we forget things, and walking is one of them, that one thing even your mother or wife won’t remind you of. When we were walking in the studio, I asked everyone to pay attention to their low back – is it over-arching or over-tucking, and one lady said […]

Dump your tucked pelvis

This post is about “stop tucking your pelvis”- a very common instruction in yoga, dance, fitness classes. I am taught this way when I’m a student; I used to teach this way for a long time when I became a teacher. Not anymore. What I’m about to write may piss off lots of people, but […]

Exercise won’t save you.

This video below basically summed up of what I want to say to lots lots of people, especially the part about exercise, but please read my post before you move on to the video. If you work out at a gym for 1 hour a day, everyday, 7 days a week, good for you; If […]

Right angle: my least favorite.

Right angle ≠ correct angle. Right angle = 90-degree angle. Now, why do I hate it? Because I spend most of life in this shape. So do you, you should hate it too. One thing this 90-degree can do to our body is: it shortens our psoas muscles.