About your knee pain – Why and How to reduce your pain.

Q: “Does your knee hurt?” A: “Yes.” Q: “Why?” A: “Well, I have a torned ACL while playing soccer/ I have a damaged meniscus/ my leg bones are twisted or because I’m old…” Advertisements

Sedona Somatics-Yin Retreat – October 2015

I’m so excited to offer this Somatics-Yin Retreat this October with my good friend Helen Fong (from Halifax, NS, Canada)! Hanna Somatics releases chronically-tight muscles through series of thoughtfully planned, gentle and small neuromuscular (mind-body) movements (Somatics Excercises). By learning to regain awareness, sensation, and motor control of muscles – an educational process that can […]

Screw you neutral pelvis!

Today in class we re-learned walking, because we forget things, and walking is one of them, that one thing even your mother or wife won’t remind you of. When we were walking in the studio, I asked everyone to pay attention to their low back – is it over-arching or over-tucking, and one lady said […]

To release low back tension – Hanna Somatics Arch and Flatten #1 (audio)

If you have a floor at home, if you have 2 spare minutes, you better to do this Arch and Flatten movement 200 times every day. Well, my top 3 reasons are: 1. This is my first audio recording I’ve ever done, suggested by my lovely students this morning, so you better appreciate it. 2. […]