Dump your tucked pelvis

This post is about “stop tucking your pelvis”- a very common instruction in yoga, dance, fitness classes. I am taught this way when I’m a student; I used to teach this way for a long time when I became a teacher. Not anymore. What I’m about to write may piss off lots of people, but […]

Exercise won’t save you.

This video below basically summed up of what I want to say to lots lots of people, especially the part about exercise, but please read my post before you move on to the video. If you work out at a gym for 1 hour a day, everyday, 7 days a week, good for you; If […]

Posture V.S. Alignment

How does a patient support person effectively spend 3 hours in a Canadian emergency room without bored oneself to death? Well well well… I listened to Katy’s interview and now I can’t stop checking people out and taking eyes off different bodies. Sounds creepy…

Do you sit 16/7?

I’m not a millionaire, not a super model, last name is not Hilton or Sheraton, anyways… know what I mean? So due to the reasons listed above, this is my daily schedule Monday – Friday: – 6:10am My phone says “up up up”! 😦 😦 😦 – 6:50 – 7:30am XXX in a car and […]

Immunity, a Yoga Workshop – Jan 12, 2013

Immunity, a Yoga Workshop with Ye Zhang “The only thing that we truly own in this life is our bodies.” Maintaining a strong immune system is a central aim of a yoga practice. This workshop reviews how yoga postures can create a healthy and vibrant immune system. Join Ye and learn how to restore and […]

Rock On!

Have been thinking, researching, planning and more thinking about running my own classes and offering more workshops at other yoga facilities. For me, this is a HUGE step. I’ve been teaching only at a few yoga studios and gyms, have never gone out looking for rooms to rent for teaching. Nervous! I have lots of […]

Wednesday Classes

My Wednesday classes at the Daffodil Place in Halifax is something I look forward to every week. It encourages the students to relax, reconnect, and let go. It teaches me to be grateful and love.