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My first video – Hanna Somatics for releasing Upper Trapezius

If you like me or what I love – Hanna Somatics, make sure you check out our awesome upcoming retreat that my friend Yin Yoga teacher – Helen and I are offering in Sedona, Arizona this October, click here for all the details!

The true definition of “Fitness”

"Fitness is not limited to strength and cardio and some stretchign. Fitness to us is the practical ability to physically perform in the real-world." This is a saying from MovNat’s September newsletter. What a great saying, what’s more real than this?! Such a simple and true idea, but how come I’ve never thought about it? […]

New Somatics-Yin workshop – For your sexy back

"The Back" Somatics-Yin Workshop The Somatics-Yin Workshop is lead by Ye Zhang [Somatics Movement Educator in tradition of Hanna Somatics Education and Certified Yoga Teacher] and Helen Fong [Certified Yin Yoga Teacher]. This workshop will offer you an introduction to the practice of Hanna Somatics and yin yoga. Somatics includes a number of better-known therapies […]

Be the bestest best.

San Francisco – Las Vegas – Washington DC – Halifax. Airport must be the most frequent “destination” I’ve ever been to. I love airports. Strangers from everywhere come to the same airport as me at the same time, listening to the same announcement, breathing the same air, using the same bathroom. Ok, the last one […]

I hate this question – What is somatics?

I went to Carrie’s Somatic Yoga class in Halifax about 3 years ago for the first time and I have been devoting myself into studying and teaching somatics and experiential anatomy ever since then. Very few people have heard of the term "Somatics", when people ask me what is it, I always start my answer […]

Somatics – Soul-Maa-wha??

I’ve been trying to introduce Hanna Somatics to my community ever since I took my first session with Kathy more than a year ago, and have been offering Somatics workshops several times during last year, and finally a weekly class at Sunrise Yoga since the new year, and thanks to Hanna Somatics’s effectiveness of reducing […]

Kick me harder so I can move on!

These words are solely dedicated to myself, to remind me of my dreams and I can do anything if I want to.

New workshop coming soon!!

It’s been a looooong time, since the last time I updated my blog, he must be really lonely 😦 . What’s imporant is, I’m back here! Yes! After visiting home for almost a month and being insanely busy at work, I am back! The almost-distinguished random flame is dancing again! And… new workshop is coming […]

What have I been up to? Well, here are the updates… – Got laid off from work last Friday at 3pm, and the big boss said in the end: “we know you have friends here, and it’s hard to say goodbye, but can you just take what you need for today and sneak out? That […]