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Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia:

Carrie AbreschBody Wellness – Somatic Yoga Therapy teacher and Biodynamic Cranioscral Therapy practitioner.

Carrie is my mentor for somatic movement and one of the best teachers I’ve ever experienced. She has extensive  knowledge about anatomy, body-mind integration and body mechanics. As a student, she makes me feel new sensations from my body; she leads me to the new learning journey to somatic movement. Carrie is a gift.

Maxine Munro – Co-owner and senior teacher at Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio .

Maxine is one of my main teachers, I find it amazing that I could ALWAYS learn something new each time I talk to her or participate in her class.

Gail Fulop – Owner/Operator of ‘Inspire Yoga’ at The Spoonstudio in Eastern passage, NS.

If you ask me to use one sentence to describe Gail, it would be “True beauty from inside out”. One of my favorite things is smelling of the fresh air, the overnight rain in the early morning, it’s a smell of pure, new beginning, a gift from mother nature, and Gail’s class reminds me of that refreshing smell. She has a beautiful voice as well, if you are lucky, you might catch her chant during Savasana. BLISS.

New York City, New York:

Amy Mathews – Co-owner at The Breathing Project, co-author of “Yoga Anatomy”.

San Franciso Bay Area, California:

Elise Miller – Senior Iyengar teacher, specializes in back issues.


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