“Ye took as much time as necessary to explain to me what Somatics is all about. She made slow and gentle movements with my body, letting me know exactly what she was doing and what I needed to do. Ye’s relaxed manner and good humor make sessions of Somatics totally enjoyable and calming. After each session I felt better alignment in my body.” – Joyce, Halifax, NS

“Thank you for all you have done for us this year. You are an amazing instructor and an even more amazing person. Thanks.” – Heather A., Shearwater, NS

“Ye is a confident and very knowledgable yoga instructor with extensive yoga skills. She is very capable of demonstrating how to execute each yoga pose and all other elements involved, such as meditation and breathing. I am always impressed at how she understands my capabilities and limitations, always ready to modify poses to meet my needs.

Because Ye is so approachable and compassionate, it takes no time to build a healthy student- teacher relationship. She communicates easily with her students, guiding them throughout their practice. She really encourages belief in oneself!

Thank you for being you, Ye!” – Cathy M, Dartmouth, NS

“I discovered Somatics inadvertently through a back care class Ye taught as a substitute for the regular teacher in a local studio this past summer. Intrigued by the slow intentional movement and how good it felt, I signed up for two more classes in the fall. 10 sessions later, the low back pain and shoulder strain from sedentary work have subsided, I am slowly getting stronger without trying too hard. This approach to body care might seem boring at first, but don’t underestimate the benefit of slow intentional movement. The process of letting your body relax, then waking up the muscles that need to work with just the right amount of effort gradually spills over into everyday life. Not only did the pain ease, I’m more conscious now about how I move and how I am positioned when not moving. It’s easier to avoid the strain when you can feel what’s happening. Ye makes this practice fun and she definitely cares about her students. She is dedicated to teaching people how to move well and care for their bodies. Thanks Ye for introducing Somatics in a wider circle.”– John D., Dartmouth, NS

On Somatics Workshops…

“Wonderful workhsop! Very informative, loved the detailed, easy to understand handouts with blanks! My back feels more relaxed!”

“Feel more blanced and relaxed. Workshop is very nice, good explaination of why etc.. learnt to be patience and pay more attention to my body.”

“Very relaxed, no specific pain, I feel lengthened! I like the somatic approach, I’m intrigued with the connection with the therapies for people with special needs. I like the workshop very much! The way you presented everything was a perfect way to gain understanding by building on a good foundation.”

“Feel fabulous! Lighter, crisp, energy, less stiff and achy! Great presenter, lively, energetic and fun, sense of humour. Thank you!”

“Relaxed, pain free, was quite tense when I arrived, not so now! Really enjoyed the workshop – the written handouts were not too long and can be re-read easily. The material was well presented and the facilitator was very knowledgable.”

“Relaxed and energetic. I learnt to pay more attention to the movements and more aware of what I was doing. This workshop is very informative.”


4 comments on “Reviews

  1. I have know Ye from the day she started as a “Trainee Yoga Instructor” and have watched her blossom into the confident, competent “Yoga Teacher” she is today. She certainly has come a long way in such a short time and I love going to any of her classes. I come away feeling that my mind, body and soul have been nurtured. She is truly a natural Yoga Teacher and I have overheard lots of positive comments from other students at the Yoga studio. Ye is a gentle, kind person and I feel privileged to be bale tom count her as a friend also.
    Keep up the great work, Ye!


  2. Ye is a Teacher that I highly recommend to everyone. She takes her Yoga seriously but adds just enough humour into her classes/workshops that they are always enjoyable. She is sincere and ‘real’. There is no superficiality in her classes and it’s obvious that she is there for the good of her students, not her ego. She loves yoga, Somatics & learning about the body. And she’s very easy to be around. Love her.
    Gail Fulop, 500RYT (Owner/Operator of ‘inspire yoga’, Eastern Passage)


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